Ever since february your blog is stopped. If you are real, my thanks to your Master, who allowed you to share all this with us. If you are fake, I still see no reason for this, unless you got bored. Almost everything of what you wrote, stood on a very good and strong emotional basis & was an inspiration to many of us, such as my self. I successfully used many of your suggestions to my partners & present wife. So… I kind of missed it. Any way, whatever your (or His) decision, good lack.

Hello. I have been in solitary confinement in a bondage cell I helped build. I was caught arguing with a Man and continued to lie about it to my Master. This is why I was away from blogging. I am back, but my Master has stronger control over my communication.

How to make pegging as demeaning as possible?

schiavo-di-uno-sguardo: How to make pegging as demeaning as possible?1.Dirty talk. Ask him how much he loves taking your cock, getting fucked, etc. Call him your good little boy, bad little boy, your little whore, slut, etc. 2.Make him tell you how much he likes it...