How fucking lame??? Really? You created a Tumblr account and post shit! What a douchebag you are! Go blow your brains out you retarded child. Of course it’s Aylen Alvarez. I never claimed to be her. I dress like her, dumbass; My titts and face has had work done to it because my Master wants me to look similar to her, and because he has a State job, he doesn’t want my exact image on Tumblr. Can’t you read, dummy? Snobiesta, your a troll trying to justify your own existence! You don’t like what I post , fuck Off! This is my blog and my ability to express to people our BDSM lifestyle. Go jerk yourself off…..minnow.
I’m as real a woman as any female out there, and in our poly household we enjoy sculpting me into the likeness of Aylen. You’re a pathetic little bitch trying to troll the net for your next fix.